Control Group


Controltek is a world leader in loss prevention solutions and offers a comprehensive line of security products developed to help you reduce risk. Whether your needs involve your cash, or your merchandise, or both, ControlTek has an “intelligent Security Solution” for your organization. Our security bag line comes in a variety of options including¬† clear or opaque films, deposit slip pockets, dual pouches and custom printing on the bags. The Sekura brand of security tagging brings an array of options to your retail location to control theft and reduce shrinkage. Our consultative approach will identify your needs and assist you in developing a product offering that best fits your loss prevention requirements.

Bankmart provides everything that a financial institution needs to maintain their operation. This includes supplies for coin and currency processing, ATM, teller, check processing, and branch and lobby signage and accessories. Our extensive experience allows us to provide smart, customized solutions that help increase efficiency and reduce costs. From the largest financial institutions in America to the small local bank around the corner, Bankmart provides comprehensive, easy and cost-effective bank supply solutions.